"Your donation assists us in providing our innovative programs such as the new Path to Home Navigation Center and Lodge, where case managers develop individualized housing-focused plans for each client coupled with short-term safe and legal sheltering as well as our award winning Ready to Work program.

Your generous support also allows Bridge House to serve over 100,000 meals annually to homeless and low income individuals through our community Table Meals program."      - Emily Messina, Development Director, Bridge House


Scholarship Recipients


"I am a recipient of the scholarship that was donated, to the Social Work program at Colorado State University, by Kush Desai. My family was unable to financially contribute to my college education for the past 5 years. I struggled financially to pay for college, this scholarship gave me the opportunity to pay for a portion of school, it gave me financial security, and now I will be graduating with a BSW in May of 2018. I will always be grateful for this opportunity. I struggled to find the financial support I needed to finish my education and this scholarship has helped me achieve my goals. It has contributed to my plans of working with victims of sexual assault and domestic violence."


"I never knew I wanted to be a social worker, but I knew I wanted to make a difference. I grew up in North Denver where majority of the demographics consisted of lower income Hispanic and African American families. I grew up in a very small two-bedroom duplex with very absent parents, this was because both my parents worked two jobs in order to ensure we lived comfortably. Because of the area of town we lived in, and the lack of parental guidance, my brother and I saw a lot of homelessness, alcohol and substance abuse addictions. Five months after graduating high school I had my daughter, I was lost and alone with no support, no positive guidance, and even contemplated suicide because I was in a very abusive relationship. My long-term goals are to obtain a Master’s in Social work and work with the adolescent population who are struggling within the Juvenile System. In my opinion, one positive role model that can give guidance and positive support can help change an adolescent’s life.  I have also pondered the possibility of a Doctorate in Social Work but I am not sure yet. The degree and profession of social work will not only give me the knowledge to change and transform the lives of others it will also change my life and the lives of my children."