We at the Kush Desai Foundation believe in paying it forward. Lifting up the less fortunate is not only the right thing to do but an essential building block of a strong community. The creation of quality programs not only changes lives but creates a ripple that can change the world.

About Us

The Kush Desai Foundation was founded in 2018 in Fort Collins, Colorado with the mission to make a difference in our local community. In keeping with that mission, we chose not to limit ourselves to one area of service. Instead, we are dedicated to supporting as many quality social programs as possible. Through funding only programs we deem excellent, every dollar donated by Kush Desai Foundation creates maximum impact.

Our current areas of aid include organizations working with children and families, survivors of domestic violence, individuals and families struggling with mental health, homeless shelters, non-profit hospices and students pursuing degrees in social work.

We are not only passionate about creating an instant impact but also in constructing a lasting one through the development of future leaders. Our founder, Kush Desai, established the NASW Colorado Chapter BSW Scholarship. We continue to fund the scholarship to elevate those who aspire to dedicate their lives to improving the future of others.

How We Make A Larger Impact?


  1. We methodically assess each organization we support to make sure the money we give makes the largest impact.

  2. We closely investigate how much money each organization receives, how that money is utilized, the number of people their programs serve, and the efficacy of those programs.

  3. We’ve created a comprehensive database of Colorado nonprofits working within our focus areas so that community supporters can make informed decisions about their giving. The database can be accessed by clicking here.

  4. We promote the outcomes of impactful nonprofits through social media.

  5. We know who is doing impactful work and we ensure our giving improves lives.


  1. Though established in 2018, we at the Kush Desai Foundation have a long history and vast network throughout the social sector.

  2. We are honored to put our resources to work for the benefit of others.

Message From The Founder


"The Kush Desai Foundation was born from a passion to build a better world through lifting others. The value of helping others was instilled in me from birth. My grandfather was an English teacher in India for many years. He worked with students in inner-cities who normally would not have the privilege of an education.

He not only taught and mentored his students, but was a valued member of his community who people turned to for support, advice, and assistance with any personal problem. On $1/month, he supported his four sons and put them all through college. He instilled in them and his grandchildren, the importance of doing everything you can to help others. As well as the value of being a part of something greater than yourself.

Over the past 5 years, I have set aside 20% of every paycheck to make my dream a reality and found the Kush Desai Foundation. I am proud to carry forward the values that were instilled in me and humbled to have the opportunity to improve the lives of others through the Kush Desai Foundation. Thank you for visiting our site and continue reading below to see the many ways you can change someone’s life.”

– Kush Desai, Founder/Executive Director

Ways To Help

 Get informed and help us spread awareness!

  1. Learn about the amazing organizations in Colorado serving vulnerable populations, by clicking here.

  2. Talk about the wonderful work the organizations are doing with your friends and family! The more people that know about impactful organizations, the more likely they are to receive the support they need to continue their essential work.

 Donate NOW!

  1. There is no feeling that rivals knowing YOU changed someone’s life!!!